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Top 7 Knee Pain Relief Treatments - Ask Doctor Jo

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About Top 7 Knee Pain Relief Treatments - Ask Doctor Jo Mp3:

General knee pain often comes from tightness in your leg muscles and the knee joint itself. Here a some easy ways to help with knee pain relief. Use code DOCTORJO10 to get 10% off the knee support sleeve featured in this video: (affiliate link)

The first knee pain relief treatment is patella mobs or kneecap mobs. Since the patella is connected to the quad tendon and the patellar tendon, it’s important to keep it loose so it doesn’t put extra pressure on your knee joint.

The next two knee pain relief exercises are quad and hamstring sets. Isometric exercises are a great way to strengthen the muscles without irritating them. It’s also a great way to relax the muscles and prevent tightness and spasms.

Another great knee pain treatment is to use a knee support sleeve. The folks at Sleeve Stars sent me their knee support sleeve. The sleeve can really help with the compression component of the sleeve. It can help decrease swelling, increase circulation, and warm up the muscles to help prevent further injury.

The last three treatments are stretches for the calf/hamstrings, IT band, and quads. All these muscles and tendons cross the knee joint. So when they are tight, they can cause increased pain. Stretching them out consistently will help relieve the pain.

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Top 7 Knee Pain Relief Treatments:

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PRODUCT PLACEMENT DISCLAIMER: This video contains paid product placement. Thank you to Sleeve Stars for sponsoring this video and providing Doctor Jo with a free Knee Support Sleeve to use.

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