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How to Make Music Playlist in iPhone and iPad

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About How to Make Music Playlist in iPhone and iPad Mp3:

In this tutorial you will learn how to make music playlist in iPhone running on iOS 7.

Greetings, iPhone DJs! This is a tutorial for all music lovers:). iPhone's default music app, Music, is a good place to make various song playlists in almost unlimited number, provided that you have enough different music on your iPhone. Playlists are good for various purposes: you can create a happy music playlist, meditational music playlist, playlist with music from the 30s, 80s or 90s, playlist for power workout or your New Year's party.

We'll want to create a playlist for driving in the car.

Step 1. Tap "Music" app from the bottom of home screen.

Step 2. Tap "Playlists" icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 3. We don't have any playlists yet, so it's time to start creating some! Tap "New Playlist" and, in the new window, enter the desired playlist's name. When done, tap "Save".

Step 4. Time to add songs to the playlist. Tap the name of the song to include it to your playlist. When you've selected everything you wanted, tap "Done".

Step 5. You'll see your ready playlist on the next screen. If something is missing on the list or some track got there by mistake, tap "Edit". Now tap on the name of any track that you want to remove and tap "Remove" to confirm your action. Tap "plus" in the upper right hand corner to add extra tracks to the list. Select the track or tracks and tap "Done".

Step 6. Tap any desired song to start playing the playlist. Great! If you want to stop the music, tap "Play/Pause" button. Tap the same button to start playing it again.

Step 7. To play the next song on the list, tap "Rewind" button. If you let the player to play the whole playlist, it will play the songs right in the order you've added them to playlist.

Step 8. Tap "Repeat Song" if you want to repeat the same song. You'll be given different options: you can either repeat the same song or repeat whole playlist. Choose the option that you like.

Step 10. Now comes the fun part! Tap the little "song list" icon in the upper right corner. Tap "Playlist". Here you can rate the songs from your playlist so later you'll remember your favorites. Tap "Rating". Now you can rate the song that is currently playing. Tap on dots to convert them into stars. We're kind today and give a song a 5-star rating! You can rate the other songs in the same way: tap on their name to play them, then tap "Rating" and so on. Tap "Done".

Step 11. Back to the Song menu, here's one more idea: If you're bored of the song order, tap "Shuffle", so the songs will be mixed in a different order. That works great for longer playlists!

Step 12. Finally, if you go back to home screen now, you can invoke your music player from the Control Center. Swipe the screen up to invoke the Control Center and press "Play" button to start playing your music again!

Result: After all this work to reaching your music, we think you've really deserved to listen to it! Enjoy:)!

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