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Is Your Favorite Baseball Hat Causing Hair Loss

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About Is Your Favorite Baseball Hat Causing Hair Loss Mp3:

Is the hat you’re wearing daily speeding up your hair loss? ★ CHECK UNDER THE FOLD
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Let’s clear the air. No, wearing a hat does not cause hair loss.

Pattern hair loss is caused by genetics.

Your genetics are what influence your body's sensitivity to the hormone DHT.

Wearing or not wearing a hat doesn't affect DHT and, therefore, does not affect hair loss.

Wearing a hat can make it seem like your hair is thinning (especially if you already have thin hair).

A hat can push your hair down, making it look messy and potentially thinner.

You may also find hair in your hat.

Finding a hair or two in your hat doesn't mean it’s the hat causing hair loss.

It’s perfectly normal to lose up to 100 hairs per day, and of course, more, if you’re losing your hair.

RedRestore’s Laser Cap is a type of hat that can help you grow hair.

RedRestore’s Laser Cap works by using clinically proven wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to support hair growth by improving follicle health, increasing blood flow and help combat the production of DHT.

Multiple clinical trials have proven that low-level laser therapy is an effective and safe treatment for hair loss.

With that being said, wearing a hat isn't necessarily healthy for your hair.

Sweat that gathers in the hat can potentially irritate your scalp.

And in some cases, wearing your hat excessively tight can cause traction alopecia, which essentially means you're pulling hair off your scalp.

The bottom line is that wearing a hat will not speed up genetic hair loss.

Just be sure not to wear your hat too tight.

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