As one of the world’s leading aircraft design and manufacturing companies, non-stop innovation is critical to our success.

We know that maximising the time your fleet spends in the air is the only way that you can increase your business profitability. That’s exactly the reason we specialise in helping our customers to explore innovative repair technologies and processes in the following areas:

  • Improving component repair turnaround time

  • Improving on-wing reliability

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Increasing your in-house repair productivity

To see some of the key innovations we have developed for our customers to date, check out this self-explanatory info graphic below.


Innovations Timeline

  • Q400 Lower Cowl
  • CFM56-5 CNA
  • 737 NG Slates & Flaps
  • A320 Spoilers
  • A320 Slats
  • A320 Elevators
  • Q400 Engine Mounts
  • CFM56-5B Inlet
  • CFM56-5B TR
  • CFM56-7 TR
  • V2500 A1/A5 CNA
  • Challenger 300 MLG & NLG
  • L45/75 NLG Strut
  • L45/75 MLG
  • Boeing 737NG Spoilers
  • V2500 Blocker Door
  • Q400 De-icing Boot
  • Challenger 604 LG
  • V2500 TR (Belfast)
  • Q400 Airstairs
  • GX Wheels
  • V2500 Starter Duct
  • Lear 45 MLG
  • Lear Brakes
  • V2500 TR (Dallas)
  • RB211 534G Duct
  • Lear 45 MLG Actuator
  • V2500 TAI Components
  • V2500 Intake Liners
  • V2500 FCD Microperf acoustic panels
  • RB211 535E4 TR
  • (1st Non-OEM)

If you require any further information about our capabilities or wish to discuss a bespoke repair with our specialist team, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help:

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