What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file consisting of letters and numbers that is placed on your computer. Cookies are used to enhance user experience and provide anonymous data about how the website is used.

No personally identifiable information is collected and / or stored by Bombardier MRO.

Cookies Used on this Site

This website uses the following cookies

Cookie Name Content and Use Expiry

Google Analytics

_utma System generated number which defines a visitor session. 2 years
_utmb System generated number containing statistical data about the visitor session. 30 minutes
_utmc System generated number containing statistical data about the visitor session. When the browser is closed
_utmz Information regarding how the site was reached (e.g. directly, through a search or an advertisement) 6 months

How Do We Use Cookies?

Bombardier MRO uses cookies to understand how the site is being used and consequently make improvements to the site to enhance our customer experience.

Examples of information collected include how users get to the site, how long users visit the site, what pages are viewed and what links are clicked on.

This information helps us to understand how the site is used and to make improvements to the overall site structure and content. We cannot identify any personal details from any of the cookies.

How Can I Manage Cookies?

You can change your cookie settings at any time through your browser settings.

To find out more information about how to control and manage cookies for a wide range of web browsers click on

To change the cookie settings for mobile phones, please refer to the handset manual.

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